AGEMA Thermovision 510

The system may be operated in the automatic mode or the manual mode depending on your needs.  In the automatic mode the brightness and contrast are automatically set by the system.  The system will look at the field of view and set the levels according to the seen that it is viewing.  As you change your seen the camera will automatically adjust the brightness and contrast continually for you.  If the camera dose not display the desired level of brightness and contrast then you should use the manual controls for setting the brightness and contrast.  In many applications the manual method may be the preferred method for use.

  1. Install a charged battery by turning over the camera so that the battery compartment is visible.  Slide the battery lock to the left and insert the battery so that the contacts are down towards the camera and release the lock so that the battery is held in place.
  2. Open the lens cover and lock it into place
  3. Press the On button (green push button) on the back panel of the camera and a green LED will be illuminated.
  4. 30 seconds after starting the camera the camera will stabilize allowing the auto contrast / brightness to work correctly.
  5. View a object with thermal contrast with the camera through the eye piece.  Adjust the ocular ring on the eye piece to focus the display as needed for your personal vision (Note: this dose not focus the camera, only the display in the eye piece.  It is best to look at the text on the display to set the focus up correctly for your eye sight.)
  6. When the camera starts up it is in the Automatic Mode that will automatically adjust the brightness and contrast continually for you.  The camera will display in the eye piece "AUT" in the top left of the display indicating that it is in the Automatic Mode.
  7. On the bottom of the display the camera will display "MAN FOCUS RNGE 1" indicating that the camera is in the Manual Focus mode and that the camera is in Range 1  (used for viewing objects spanning: i.e. min to max, a 40 deg. C  or 72 deg. F range.)  Range 2 is used for viewing objects spanning a 80 deg. C or 144 deg. F range.  Range 3 is used for viewing objects spanning a 120 deg. C or 216 deg. F.
  8. To focus the camera on a object, press the Up and Down arrow buttons to focus the camera.
  9. Pressing the "M" Manual mode button will switch the camera from the "AUT" Automatic brightness / contrast mode to the Manual mode where the AUT will be replace with "MAN CONTR" so that the contrast can be set manually by pressing on the up and down arrow buttons.  Pressing the "M" button sequences the modes through the following:
    bulletMAN CONTR    Contrast of image
    bulletMAN BRIGHT    Brightness of image
    bulletMAN IMAGE    Polarity of gray scale image, white hot or black hot
    bulletMAN RANGE    Temperature viewing span range 1,2 or 3
    bulletMAN FOCUS    Focus on object being viewed

    After 6 seconds if the buttons are not pushed the system will return to MAN FOCUS mode.

  10. To return the camera to the "AUT" Automatic mode press the "A" button.
  11. To Zoom in on a object that is being viewed press the "Z" Zoom button and the camera will electronically magnify the image 2x.  Pressing the "Z" button one more will magnify the image by 4x.  Pressing the button a 3rd time will return the camera to its default of 1x.
  12. To Freeze the image press the "F" Freeze button and a single video frame is frozen.  A second press of the "F" button will freeze an isolated last field.  And a 3rd press will unfreeze the image.
  13. To turn off the camera press the Green push button for 2 seconds and the camera will turn off.