First Time Use of the, AGEMA 550, 570 (ThermaCAM PM595, 545)

1. You must either connect the power cable on the battery belt to the power connector on the right side of the camera body, or insert the battery in to the battery bay in the back of the camera.

2. Next remember to remove the lens cover from the front of the camera.

3. Holding the camera in the right hand and adjust the hand strap with your left hand around your right hand until you have a comfortable hold on the camera.  Do not over tighten the strap or your right hand will fall asleep. Make sure that the control buttons and joy stick are readily operable with your right hand fingers.

4. Next you will need to start the camera by pressing the green ON/OFF button with your left hand.

5. After approximately. 30 seconds an splash screen with an AGEMA or FLIR logo will appear while the camera boots up on its software,  This splash screen will be displayed until the camera controls are ready for use

bulletAGEMA 550, The camera is ready for use when the detector has been cooled down to its working temperature. This takes approx. 5 minutes and is indicated on the screen by the text cooling down. Another way to determine whether the detector is cooled down is to listen to the sound from the cooler which becomes quieter as the working temperature of the detector is reached. While the detector is cooling down it is still possible to look at stored images or change the set-up of the camera to make it ready for use.
bulletAGEMA 570 (ThermaCAM PM595, 545) The camera is uncooled and will be operational in approx. 1 minute.

6. Next adjust the ocular ring on the viewfinder display to provide you with the best focus for your eyes.

7. Then point the camera at a object that has some thermal contrast.

8. Next press the "A" button "auto adjust" function which will set the span and level (min & max. temp.) You will need to adjust the camera manually to get the best image but the "A" button will get in the ball park.

9. Finally adjust the focus of the camera by pressing the joystick up to focus further away or down to focus on a closer distance until the sharpest image is reached.