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The following companies rent Infrared imagers and other associated test equipment.  Terms and fees are established by each company.  By considering the requirements of your particular application before renting equipment you will get the equipment that best fits your needs. However, it is important to remember that it is not the camera that determines the results you get, it is the training, certification and experience you have, which will determine your final outcome.

A few points to consider are:

bullet Qualitative / Quantitative Analysis. Does your application require "qualitative analysis" (image only: i.e. roofing inspections) or qualitative & quantitative analysis (image and temperature measurement: example electro mechanical inspections) Remember that by measuring the temperature you can establish definable parameters for evaluation and determining severity of conditions.

Mobility of the Infrared camera.  Do you need to be climbing ladders, driving down the road, or have the camera on a tri-pod looking at a stationary target


Wavelength of the Infrared Camera,  If it is going to be used outdoors for transmission/distribution inspections then a Longwave (7-14um) system is preferred.  It you are going to be doing boiler tube inspections then Shortwave (3-5um) with special filters is required.


Resolution of the camera.  Renting the camera with the best resolution is not always necessary for the application but you must consider what your image resolution requirements are to make sure that you are able to accurately see what you are looking at.  Resolution has vastly improved in the past few years and newer systems have many benefits over older systems.


Image Quality of the camera is dependent on the type of detector and technology used to provide you with an image.  You must decide on what you can live with or without in your image.  For example: AC coupling, blooming, dead detectors, etc.


Sensitive and measurement accuracy / repeatability:  If you are choosing to rent an Infrared camera and get temperature measurements then the accuracy and repeatability of your measurements are "EVERYTHING".  


Power requirements:  Can you live with using an extension cord for AC power or are batteries the way to go?  What kind of batteries do you need and what is the typical run time before needing to change them.


Easy of use:  All infrared cameras, no matter how easy they are to use, should be used by a Trained, Certified, and Experienced Thermographer.  But the ease of use can make all the difference in how well a project goes and the data that is collected.  You must balance the requirements of the project and analysis with the simplicity of the equipment and the skill of the certified thermographer to get the results that you want.


Cooling of the camera:  Does the camera need to have liquid nitrogen or argon gas to cool it?  Does it use a sterling cycle cooler or is it uncooled?


Directory of Equipment Rental Companies

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