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Infrared Equipment Manufacturers

The following companies manufacture Infrared imaging and temperature measurement equipment.  They either have a direct sales department or manufacture's rep agency that sells their products. If you are considering the purchase of an infrared imaging and temperature measurement instrument, there are many things to consider first.  It should be noted that generally speaking, you will get what you pay for, and good instruments are not cheap (upwards of $40,000 US).  Furthermore, the investment in an Infrared camera does not end with the purchase of the camera, it only begins!  Software will be required to produce documentation and IR PdM program management ($6,000 to $50,000 US). Key personal who will truly be committed to providing quality work must be adequately trained ($1,500 to $3,000 US per IR tech). And ongoing training is needed to keep there skills current with the developing industry.  They will need to be given time to come up to speed with the equipment and software to be able to provide the desired results.  And they will need to be allowed to continue to use the equipment on a regular bases or their skill sets will diminish.  If you do not used this type of equipment on a regular basis your ability to provide quality work will atrophy and you will get less that optimal results.  A 110% comment must be given for the long haul if you wish to truly reap the rewards by establishing an in-house program.  Total, you be looking at a cost of $100,000 to $150,000 U.S., and a serious commitment of time and resources to establish a quality program. If you cannot afford to make these kinds of commitments than you will be better off choosing to "Out Source" your infrared imaging needs to a qualified consulting company that has the resources to manage your growing IR imaging needs.

Choosing the Right Equipment

When considering which type of equipment you need, you must first define how you are going to be working with it in the field and what type of results you wish to get back from your hard work.  Not all IR systems are the same, and giving it some forethought will greatly help in making the right decision.  IR systems can not be purchased on just the specifications alone.  The total package must be considered, IR system, Software, easy of use, support, service and repair capabilities of the manufacturer etc, and matched with your needs.  Considerable research must be done to define your needs and to see what the track record is of the venders that have been providing equipment and support services.

The following is a list of Infrared equipment manufactures that provide a wide variety of imaging and temperature measurement equipment.

Infrared Equipment Manufacturers/ Sales Organizations
FLIR Systems


Cincinnati Electronics



ISI Infrared Solutions Inc.

IR Cameras.com
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