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The Professional Thermographers Association provides a full spectrum of training and support services and is dedicated to providing the highest standard of infrared instruction on a professional scale.

All courses can be conducted at your site or location of choice or at our West Coast Conference and Training Center located in Seattle, WA USA.

Call us at 206-328-3930 if you would like more information on our on-site courses.

West Coast Training Center

Our staff of seasoned thermographers have trained individuals worldwide for over 25 years. Today, The Professional Thermographers Association is a world-wide infrared training institute providing education for all brands of IR instruments and an extensive range of IR applications. All our trainers are field-proven thermographers so our students learn from experienced, practical infrared enthusiasts.

The American Society for Nondestructive Test (ASNT) has established guidelines for the training and certification of Infrared Thermographers.  Any company or individual that is considering engaging in providing infrared Thermographic inspections should review the ASNT Recommended Training Guidelines and establish, or contract out the services of a competent training organization for implementing a training program and certification of its personnel.

For this industry to continue in its advancement, new and practicing thermographers need to be informed, educated and updated continually by working professionals, which is why our Level I, II and III courses, based on the American Society of Nondestructive (ASNT) training program & guidelines, are offered on a regular basis.

Level I Certification Course Info:

Level I Infrared Certification instructs students how to properly use infrared cameras to collect quality data. Students learn how to calculate accurate, repeatable temperature measurements. This course covers critical camera parameters such as emissivity, reflected ambient and distance to target. Students trained by The Professional Thermographers Association learn infrared thermographic interpretation through class exercises and supervised in-field examples. A wide variety of thermography applications are covered in these courses.

Outline of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing course material that is taught to Level I Certified Infrared Thermographers

Level II Certification Course Info:

This course is designed to meet SNT-TC-1A recommended practice for Level II Infrared Thermography. This hands-on course will assist you in furthering your operating skills, developing new inspection procedures and applications, advancing your infrared P/PM program or consulting services, utilizing IR trending or software programs, performing advanced NDT applications and attaining superior measurement skills for improved accuracy and diagnosis. Advanced theory, applications, equipment operations, thermal analysis and inspection techniques, marketing, plus much more, is presented in a simple, easy to learn, hands-on fashion. Course certificate, exam, one-on-one sessions, post course support and manual upgrades are also included.

Outline of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing course material that is taught to Level II Certified Infrared Thermographers.

Level III Certification Course Info:
This four day course is provided to advance a Level II Thermographer to the level where they are able to initiate and manage an Infrared Thermographic Program. The course material will give them an advanced understanding of the information necessary to direct other thermographers to provide written procedures and purchase suitable equipment.
Thermal Trend® Database Software Training and IR Program Development/ Management Course:

This two-day course is designed to provide an advanced understanding of the intricacies of the Thermal Trend Database Software and how builds upon the foundation of “Lean Thinking” as it is used to establish, conduct and manage a truly World Class/ Best Practices Predictive Maintenance Program.

In addition to creating and synchonizing site databases, students will learn how to create and enter inspection data, view and create inspection routes and test statuses, associate problems with appropriate equipment, track and trend problem status over multiple inspectins, record detail information about items, and view and analyze infrared and visual images with Image Analyzer.

Application  Courses
bullet Electrical / Mechanical Predictive Maintenance Inspection Methods
bullet Building Envelope / Roof Moisture Inspections
bullet Refractory and Process Heater / Boiler Inspections
bullet Ultraviolet Corona imaging
Additional Software Courses
bullet Mikron: MikroView, MikroSpec Report Generation  Software Training
bullet Infrared Solutions: SnapView, FlexView Report Generation Software Training
bullet FLIR: IRwin, ThermaCam Reporter Software Training
West Coast Training Center  

About the "West Coast Conference and Training Center"

Our West Coast Conference and Training Center allows us to provide better end user focused, hands on learning environment that is specifically tailored to the needs of the student and infrared community. Great care and attention to detail has gone in to creating the ultimate learning experience, and we are sure that you will agree!

It is located just 5 minutes from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and is located within 1 mile of 8 major Hotels, which all provide 24 hour shuttle service to and from the Airport and the surrounding area. You will also find a vast assortment of restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment in the immediate area.

Please note: space is limited to 22 students at our training facility insure a quality learning experience, so please don't delay and miss your opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced professional thermographers in the industry!
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2007 Schedule
for courses at our
"West Coast Conference and Training Center" in Seattle

  Level I
  June 25-28, 2007
  July 23-26, 2007
  August 6-9, 2007
  September 10-13, 2007
  October 8-9, 2007
  November 12-15, 2007
  Level II
  September 17-20, 2007
  Level III
  Thermal Trend Software
  August 13-14, 2007
  October 22-23, 2007

2007 International Course Schedule

  Level I
  July 17-20, 2007 - Chile
  August 21-24, 2007 - Mexico
  September 4-7, 2007 - Venezuela
  Level II
  July 31-August 3, 2007 - Bogota Columbia
  October 16-19, 2007 - Venezuela
  Level III
  October 2-5, 2007 - Bogota Columbia
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