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Member Profile


Joe Hucthings






International Energy Company
Web http://www.groupiec.com




801 281-3866


5047 Galleria Dr. Suite 250 Murry, UT 84123


Company Direction

An Electrical company for tomorrow's needs

Licensed, Insured and Experienced

IEC (International Energy Company) was founded in 1997 to Engage in the design and installation of primary electrical systems and the design and packaging of secondary (low voltage) systems for both commercial and industrial applications.

Our company can be characterized as a "Full-Service" organization.  The following are some of the types of systems we have specialized in:

bulletThermal Infrared Imaging & Scanning (Thermal Trend Certified Solution Provider)
bulletPower Quality and Grounding
bulletHigh Voltage Power Distribution (over & under 600 volts)
bulletIsolated Power Distribution
bulletFully Integrated Temperature Control (HVAC) and Building Automation Systems
bulletFire and security alarm systems
bulletFiber-optic communication
bulletUninterrupted Power Systems
bulletLow Voltage lighting control systems
bulletComputer-data and telephone horizontal & backbone cabling
bulletNurse Call systems
bulletMedical gas alarm systems
bulletSound / Paging audio systems
bulletClosed Circuit television
bulletClock systems
bulletIEC is a diversified company with two major areas of expertise:
bulletElectrical Engineering 
bulletSystems Packaging

We are state licensed and insured as a Professional Engineering Company able to provide electrical consulting and design.

bulletLicensed Professional Engineers
bulletCertified Designers and Technicians of NICET
bulletMaster Electricians
bulletMembers of NECA
bulletMembers of The Professional Thermographers Association
bulletMembers of IEA
bulletMembers of IBEW
Copyright 2004 The Professional Thermographers Association
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