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Level I Infrared Thermography Training Course - Certification
Level I Infrared Certification instructs students how to properly use infrared cameras to collect quality data, and is geared to the new infrared camera user and focuses on a wide variety of condition monitoring/predictive maintenance applications. Students learn how to calculate accurate, repeatable temperature measurements. This course covers critical camera parameters such as emissivity, reflected ambient and distance to target.

Students trained by The Professional Thermographers Association learn infrared thermographic interpretation through class exercises and supervised in-field examples. A wide variety of thermography applications are covered in these courses

Infrared courses are developed and taught by The Professional Thermographers Association Level III Instructors. Our training staff of Professional Thermographers come from all over the United States to share their knowledge. They are not only instructors but practicing thermographers who have been recognized within the IR industry as being not just leaders but also exceptional motivators who know what it takes to get the job done right the first time.  They have extensive experience in a wide variety of infrared thermography and thermal imaging applications.    
Students completing all of the training course requirements and an thermography field assignments will receive their Level I Thermographer Certification. The Professional Thermographers Association Level I Infrared Course meets all Level I ASNT-SNT-TC-1A recommendations for thermal/infrared testing, as established by the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT).    
A registration fee of $1,495 USD includes the infrared course costs, and all thermography training course materials. Please note that prices may vary for private - on your site courses.

Special Note:

bulletPayment is due in full 10 days before the start of all courses. The Professional Thermographers Association accepts checks, money orders, bank drafts, Visa and MasterCard.
bulletPurchase Orders are accepted with approved credit.
bulletUntil payment is received, a student is not guaranteed a seat in a class.
bulletIf a student cannot attend the course, a substitute may be sent at no additional cost.

Cancellation Policy:

bulletIf the student cancels one week before the start of a class, The Professional Thermographers Association will refund their payment minus a $50 service fee or we will gladly reschedule them to another course date if they wish.
bulletIf a student cancels less than one week before the course, The Professional Thermographers Association will refund their payment minus a $150 service fee.
bulletFor cancellations within three days of the start of a course, or if a student does not show up at the course, there is no refund.



Copyright 2004 The Professional Thermographers Association
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