Our Mission

To provide a platform for non-biased information, professional communication and unity, for individuals and organizations involved in providing, or procuring  infrared thermographic services, equipment and support.

Our Ethics

We, at the Professional Thermographers’ Association are proud of our reputation for excellence, a reputation that is based on years of commitment to the highest ethical standards and professionalism. Our web site (www.prothermographer.com) is one reflection of our commitment to provide quick access to valuable information about the infrared thermographic industry and the guiding business values by which we all abide.

bullet At the Professional Thermographers’ Association, all of the business relationships with our members, students, employees, suppliers and host communities rest on a foundation of integrity and trust. 
bullet Everyone’s success in this industry is dependent upon each individual, their company’s commitment to these enduring values, and the understanding that no success is worth the expense of compromising their ethical behavior.
bullet All of our members uphold this commitment to these ethical standards and to a standard of professionalism in their business practices. Our members are committed to providing superior quality services, products and support and to continually raising those standards.
bullet Integrity and honesty in business relationships.

Demonstrateable continual commitment to raising the standards for quality products and services.

We encourage you to explore the features of this web site and let us know what you think. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please pass them on to us, We are ready to respond to your recommendations, concerns, and questions.