Quality Information, what can you really afford?

Today more then ever companies are choosing to out source their infrared inspection programs to outside consulting companies who specialize in performing PdM (Predictive Maintenance) inspections.  There are over 600 infrared consulting companies in the U.S., of which only 200 are listed in the Yellow pages. Additionally there are also 2 to 5 new infrared consulting companies going into business each week.  Many of these 600 plus companies are utilizing the large supply of outdated infrared imaging equipment that has been around since the early 1970's. With a corresponding lack of professionally trained and certified thermographers standing behind these cameras. You have a real "buyer beware" market.

All to often companies that are choosing to contract out their Infrared IR PdM inspection programs are don't have the time to consider what they are really trying to purchase.  Price alone is often the deciding factor, based on an assumption that all IR consulting companies are the same.  Be warned, this is a fallacy.

When contracting an infrared consulting company, what you are really paying for is "Quality Information" and the emphasis is on Quality.  You need the right kind of information on which you can make decisions.  You are paying for thorough,  consistent, accurate, knowledgeable and accountable information.  That type of "Quality Information" is not provided by the lowest bidder.  We could compare the health of a company's facility to a human body.  Would it be wise for us to use the cheapest town Doctor to provide us with a diagnosis and correct treatment of a cancerous brain tumor.  Or would we seek out the services of a specialist who deals directly with this type of ailment?  They are both Doctors.  Which one would you trust with your life in their hands?  Doesn't the same thing apply to the health of a company's facility?  You are paying for quality information on which you can make decisions with regard to your facilities health.  A less than top quality inspection by a lower bidder can easily be 1,000 times more expensive.  By trying to shave a few hundred dollars off the cost of an inspection, you may cost yourself hundreds of thousands dollars in the end from just one missed problem.  Just remember "you get what you pay for."